A Box for Every Purpose

Success Stories

1)  Why have 22 SKU’s when you only need 1?

A curtain manufacturer made products in varying lengths and stocked 22 different SKU’s as part of their shipping supplies.  UBP had experience with a “fan fold” and introduced it to the customer.  A “fan fold” is a 1500 foot long continuous scored sheet that can be cut to any length.  The benefits to the customer?

  • Reduced storage space required.
  • Cost Reduction – purchases leveraged on one item instead of many.
  • Cash Flow – no longer had to buy several items and hold.
  • Efficiencies – less receiving and accounting.


2)  Ergonomic solution saves time and improves safety.

While visiting a manufacturer of handicap shopping carts, an astute salesman observed two employees lifting a cart and placing it into a box for shipment.  Obviously this presents an opportunity for injury to employees and the product.  United Brokerage Packaging came back with a design that allowed the cart to be rolled directly off the line and into the shipping packaging.  A three sided assembled tray was the solution – the fourth side was simply stapled in place and a lid capped the entire package seconds after the product passed inspection and rolled off the line.


3)  Customer needed to project Brand image, but needed flexibility as well….

An industrial cart manufacturer wanted to prominently display their brand image on packages shipping to their customers.  However, they box size requirements changed often which led to obsolete, custom printed boxes or the need for new, expensive printing dyes.  The solution……printed paper carton tape.  UBP provided tape machines that benefited the customer in several ways:

1)      Tape machines made application efficient to apply.

2)      Machines precisely measured length of tape and reduced tape usage.

3)      Paper tape was stronger and held up during shipping.

4)      Brand image was prominently displayed.


4)  Plasma TV’s get cheaper, but they are expensive if broken…..

Plasma and LED TV sales skyrocketed and the moving and storage industry began experiencing high claims from damage to these high ticket items.  Complicating the issue was the extensive range in sizes – it would be a logistic nightmare for movers to stock enough boxes.  UPB developed a Plasma TV kit.  The design utilized foam components (end caps, rails and even a foam bag) that would fit any size TV.  A perforated box provided the ability to adjust telescope the box to a larger or smaller size.  One box, one set of inserts……..any TV.


5)  Need to stop damage NOW!

A leading supplier of golf cars called on Thursday and needed to prevent damage of painted parts immediately.    Our ideal solution would be a returnable with spunbond laminated partitions.  Our ability to Rapid Prototype allowed us to design an “expendible” solution in corrugate.  By Wednesday of the next week, we delivered a partitioned box that would allow 3-5 uses before having to be disposed of.